I'm starting a blog - not entirely sure why, but it seems like a good idea. When troubleshooting something for a work project or a personal project, there are hours (and sometimes days) lost to the void and the posts to be written and placed here are an attempt to add more value to that time.

This Blog's Function

My intent for this online space is to document some of the stuff I'm working on, and the things learned from these projects and experiences. If this turns out to be useful to someone else, awesome! That's the end-goal. Most of the things I write here will be technology focused, but I'm not restricting this blog to that purpose.

About Me

My name is Matt; I'm a software engineering student at California State University, Monterey Bay. I've enjoyed making things for as long as I can remember - previously Lego, and now all things related to computers/music/software. I enjoy traveling and the outdoors.

This is a photo of me (with a very lousy smile) and my beautiful girlfriend, Dalila, at Sierra-at-Tahoe:

Dalila and I

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