Quick Raspberry Pi Google Calendar Display Guide

I recently re-built my Pi-powered Google Calendar displays (moved from Pi 2s to Pi Zeros), and chose to start from scratch - so I wrote a bash script to simplify the process. That script can be found here: https://github.com/mattwebbio/rpi-webpage-display/

If you haven't completed any initial setup (imaged your SD card, logged in and completed setup, connected to the internet) do that first. This script requires the desktop version of Raspbian (minimal won't work).

Next, open a terminal or SSH in. Inspect the code located in the Install.sh file prior to running it - then, to setup, run the following command (will work on local terminal or SSH):

bash -c "$(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mattwebbio/rpi-webpage-display/master/Install.sh)"

Then, answer the prompts as follows:

Enter URL you'd like the browser to open at boot: 
# This particular URL prevents the RPi from opening 
# the mobile version of the site

Hide cursor? (Good for non-interactive displays) [y/N] 
# I enabled, you don't have to

Clear browser cache at boot? [y/N] 
# I enabled, you don't have to 

How often (in minutes) do you want the page to refresh? 
(0 to disable): 
# Not needed, Google Calendar automatically pulls new 
# info - refresh maybe once a day if at all 

How long to wait before launching browser (in seconds)? 
(0 to disable, 60-120 recommended so network has ample time to connect): 
# If running on an RPi Zero, 60-120 is recommended 
# but on an RPi 3 15-30 is probably more than adequate. 

Then it'll run through the configuration steps - once that's done, though, it'll reboot and launch the browser. When the browser launches, log in to your Google Account (if asked, make sure to check "remember me" or "remember this computer") and done!

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